Covid-19 Package

Note: Keep your adhar card handy / ready

Best Pathology Lab

For the first time, the best pathology lab, Pathline, offers an all-inclusive Covid 19 test in Delhi to your door as well as a round-the-clock RT PCR test at home with the simple provision of aready Aadhar card, where the lab facilities will come to your door with a friendly budget. The doctor from the lab recommends the patient get an RT-PCR test done if that individual shows any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

For the RT-PCR test at home, one is required to give a throat swab and a nose swab taken from inside his nostrils. After that, a tube containing the RT-PCR test samples for the nose and throat will be sealed, and the samples will be sent for analysis to a facility that has been given the ICMR’s approval. With the procedure and the facility, the Pathline Lab has brought up one of the best ways for covid 19 tests in Delhi.